Plant Lubrication was founded in 1974 by the present owner along with a former colleague from their former employment with Amoco (UK) Ltd who had at that time ceased trading in lubricants. Both had considerable experience in the oil business, especially in the plant, machinery and quarrying section of the industry, hence the company title. Over the years the company has diversified and is now also a major force in the Agricultural and Motor trade, supplying an ever-increasing variety of products designed to meet the most stringent specifications required by today’s engine manufacturers.
For most of its life Plant Lubrication has been a distributor for Total (UK) Limited which now incorporates the former ELF and FINA oil companies and has recently been appointed as a Key Lubricant Distributor (KLD) for Total, one of only two such distributors in Ireland. Another long-standing agency is with Valvoline Oil Company, an American firm that specialises in high quality oils suitable for motor sports as well as everyday use. A wide selection of Concrete release oils and repair products are available for use in the precast and construction industries.